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~ FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions ~

Below are Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) that I've been asked by many brides and grooms.

Some questions are of a general nature and some questions are specific to my services.  Please visit my Wedding Officiant and Marriage License Tips web page for general questions and their answers.

Q. Rev. Silvett, what do your services include?
A. I offer a wedding consultation to each couple.  I am at your non-denominational wedding ceremony one-half hour prior to wedding time and allow two hours between each wedding ceremony performed.  My services also include your Confidential Marriage License and your wedding rehearsal.
Q. Do you charge for rehearsal?
A. Yes, there is a flat fee for your wedding rehearsal.
Q. When do we buy our wedding License?
A. You may buy your Confidential Marriage license from me if you are over the age of 18 and are living together.
Q. What do you mean living together?
A. In the state of California living together is defined as a man and a woman who are living as a husband and wife and unmarried.
Q. Rev. Silvett, I have sent e-mails to different ministers; they have given me a price and then added a gratuity to the price.   Do you do this also?
A. Personally I never ask for a gratuity.  That is a decision you make based upon the service you receive.
Q. If we contact you by e-mail, what should we include in our e-mail?
A. Your e-mail should include the following:
  • the exact date (including month, day and year).
  • time of your ceremony.
  • location of your ceremony.
  • any questions you may have.
Q. Why are the month, day, year and time so important?.
A. I have received many e-mails with only a questionfor example, what do you charge?with no location date or time.  This makes it very difficult to send a proper message with the best answer to your question.
Q. We cannot find a location for our wedding.  Can you help us?
A. I receive many e-mail with that exact question.   If you e-mail me at garysilvett@yahoo.com, I will help you find a location of your choice.
Q. After the wedding is over, what is the most important duty an officiant can perform?
A. The officiant should fill out the proper section on your marriage license and file your license within ten working days of your ceremony. The filing process is established by state law.
Q. How do we get a certified copy of our marriage license?
A. Two working weeks (ten business days) after your ceremony, fill out the form (The  request for a certified copy of your marriage license which I provide to you) for a certified copy of your marriage license, follow the instructions and send it to the County of San Diego.  Remember, the marriage license that your officiant files is a legal document and your certified copy proves the license was filed.
Q. Rev. Silvett, do you perform weddings in other counties than San Diego?
A. No, I only perform weddings in San Diego County.
Q. How can we help you?
A. Relax and enjoy your very special day.
Q. Rev. Silvett, do you know of a reasonably priced DJ?
A. Yes, I work with some of the best and www.musicasyoulikeit.com and DJ Keith Danon  is a DJ I highly recommend. 
Q. Reverend Silvett, do you go to Detention and Correctional Facilities?
A. Yes, I perform weddings and provide notary services at Detention and Correctional Facilities. Please call 858-272-8734 for further information.
Q. Reverend Silvett, do you go to Detention and Correctional Facilities?
A. Yes, please call 858-272-8734 for further information.

If you have any additional questions that you would like to ask me, please E-mail me at garysilvett@aweddingofyourchoice.com
or call (858)272-8734.

Thank you.

Rev. Silvett

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