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Wedding Officiant and Marriage License Tips

I've decided to provide Wedding Tips in the form of frequently asked questions (and their answers) that I've been asked by many brides and grooms.

These questions/answers below are of a general nature regarding the services of wedding officiants/ministers, your marriage license, etc.  For frequently asked questions specific to my services, please visit my FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions web page.

Q.What are normal fees for a wedding officiant?
A. The fee for your wedding can vary depending on the officiant. Some charge as little as $165 to as high as $500.
Q.Who should perform our rehearsal?
A.I have found through the years that a couple feels much more comfortable if the officiant performs the rehearsal.
Q. What is the best way to choose an officiant?
A. Even though some brides and grooms contact an officiant by e-mail, I still believe, in addition to the email, in the good old-fashioned telephone and a personal visit with that officiant.
Q. What do we need to discuss with our officiant about our wedding day?
A. If you mean the language in your ceremony, make sure you have gone over the ceremony with your officiant--how it is organized and what will be said.
Q. How early should I book my officiant?
A. At least six months before your wedding date.
Q. Rev. Silvett, do you perform immediate weddings?
A. Yes, I can perform your wedding on the same day that you contact me, based on availability.
Q. How should we handle payment for our officiant?
A. I have found the best way to handle payment for an officiant is to ask if he or she prefers cash, check or credit card.

Also, find out for there is a deposit and how much. When you meet with your officiant, go prepared to pay your deposit, or before your first meeting, let the officiant know that you would like just to talk. This clears the air on your intent and your meeting will go much smoother.

Also ask when final payment is due. Some officiants request final payment as much as one week or one month in advance of your wedding day. When final payment is requested on your wedding day or at your rehearsal, request one person (usually your best man) take care of paying your officiant. Remember, there is nothing more uncomfortable than standing around waiting to receive a final payment.

General Tips
  • When making an appointment with an officiant, always confirm the appointment 24 hours before your appointment.


If you have any additional questions that you would like to ask me, please E-mail me at garysilvett@aweddingofyourchoice.com
or call (858) 272-8734.

Thank you.

Rev. Silvett

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